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We analize what your shipping and how you plan to ship your commodity.  Its crucial on how you spend you money and we engineer the best possible routing as well as forecast your furture profits and losses.

Manufacturers Compliance

Importing a material that is forbidden entry via customs can be very costly and we ensure that the manufactures stay in complaince at all times.

Security and Fraud Prevention

Do really know who is packing your material?  Is the Manufacturer in complaince to USDA rules and regulations?  Suppliers want to make money and so do you as our client we are always onsite at the Manufactures door on your behalf all around the world and at any destination.

Operations Consulting

logistically Product Placement is Everything

Wether you supplier is in India, China, Germany we are their to help you succeed, we are 24 hours when getting the job done.  Our planning on ensuring the operational procedure has taken place we need to ensure the flow of handling the consigment is on point and will not miss the deadlines.

Special Offers

Free Consultation.

Our goals is to have a conversation on your needs wether your a small business or a large corporation both need help solving issues in logistics around the world.

Fraud Prevention.

Our legal Team will be able to speak to you on the next step of your contracts with buyers or suppliers dont be left in the dark ensure 2PL is your go to company to ensure you are protected.




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