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Mission & Values

There is No I In Team

Our ideas and thoughts are shared with our customers cause we want to know how you feel.  We guarantee to solve the problem and make your business better.

Our History

About Us


Is the Largest Logsitic Consultant agency around the world our focus has always been logistic solutions.  We have been supplying our customers ways to achieve their logistic goals all while offering the best way to save more for other expenses to help their company grow.



Break Bulk Cargo

The revolution of technology has made our staff change the way we think, and we are capable of studying all vessel and their true worth and potential.



Retail Purchasing

Getting your products to the end users are very huge task and the best way to accomplish this is to have a sit down with the team.  We will find the best possible solution based on you requirements.



Logistics Procurement

Increase Revenue

Reduce Cost

Optimise Operational Performance

Work team

Customer Service MGR.

Operations Manager






To give our customer 100% satisfaction

We are highly sort by companies as our mission is highly appreciated and our standards of getting the job done is guaranteed.


Expert Perspectives

Fresh ideas are always the way to go, staying ahead of technology and shipping techniques is why we are the best in the business.


2PL Gets it Right The First Time

We get is done the first time, their is no room for errors as erros cost money.  We ensure our work and we cut cost.


Our approach to Results Delivery® focuses on predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with the change from day one.

"We have been doing business with 2PL Since 2008 and have always found them a pleasure to work with. They are professional, organized and always handle themselves with integrity.

"2PL is great company to do business with. We have trusted them with our Logistics for well over a few years now. They are dependable and reliable. If there ever is a issue then they usually let me know of a solution moments later. The customer service is outstanding, no talking to a machine and no waiting for reply’s on emails. 2PL has a team of professionals dedicated to our business and are available at any time during the day. In our line of work deadlines are key, we work with expiration dates and also shelf life since all the product that comes to our facility gets shipped overseas. 2PL understands the importance of punctuality in our business, ergo helping SYSCO keep promises to our customers